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A website is a collection of one or more HTML pages hosted on a server, whose content can or cannot be publicly accessible. Usually Websites are used to share and spread information, news and advertise products.


Static or Dynamic ?

Depending on the functionality and interactions with the users, websites can be defined as static or dynamic.
A static website always offers the same type and quantity of information.
A dynamic website instead gives the user the possibility to search for information through filters, to carry out operations that modify the structure of the site itself, adding or deleting information, comments, images and videos, or sharing the same information on other sites. mass communication platforms and tools.
The more complex dynamic sites have a management interface (backend) that allows onlt enabled users and even the less experienced ones, to modify the public aspect of the site (front end)


How a website
is created ?

A static website can be built just using text pages, with a basic markup language.
A dynamic site, on the other hand, requires a more complex structure, starting from a programming language such as PHP or python, to create its the structure, and relying on a database ( like mariadb) for data management.
Since the procedure for creating a website is similar and repetitive in some points, tools called frameworks are often used (as laravel or symfony) that contain blocks of code already created and simplify the development procedure.
A further simplification is possible with the use of a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, etc. that allows in a simple and intuitive way to develop a site without having to manage most of the technical problems, focusing on the contents.

What is behind the creation of a website?

Depending on the level of complication, functionality and extent of the site, some or all of the following steps may be used:

market analysis

It starts with a market and competition analysis, aimed at establishing the elements of success and the communication strategies to be used, which also vary according to different factors (age, gender, social background of users, type of product/s offered. , sales psychology, etc.) which are used to give the imprinting for the subsequent phases.


A wireframe block diagram, provides a structural draft of the site with a representative analysis of the functionality only, useful for studying the dynamics of the project in terms of usability and identifying any critical points, allowing a faster development of the site and preventing the insertion of errors.

The wireframe is a draft of what will become the page layout , and includes header, navigation bar, content section and footer, focusing the interest on the range of functions available, the priority of information display and functionality offers, the rules according to which to display such information (filters), the lay-out of the information according to the device used (responsiveness)


Once content and functionality have been established, it is time to decide how to present them to the user.
A good graphic design of the site not only elegantly presents the contents, but also serves to create clarity of exposure, and to ensure that the user does not get bored while browsing.
The great success of many sites is often due to the ease of use and the tendency towards non-abandonment.


The secret to having a fast and functioning site, scalable according to the needs, and well indexed by search engines according to the principles of SEO, lies in the code.
A linear and well-structured, clear and precise program will always be more maintainable and easily modifiable, avoiding running into errors during development or in site vulnerability. .


Testing the code before putting it into production is a key point to avoid big problems tomorrow .
Testing is not only vulnerability analysis and error removal but also code optimization, keeping it clear and readable, flexible and easy to maintain.

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