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Perfumes Shop e-commerce

Detaily projektu
  • Delivery time: one month
  • Based on CMS
  • Fully responsive
  • Multi language
  • Different payment solutions
  • Discounts on products and combinations
  • Elegant & neat design
  • Product variants (color, size) managed as a single product


Smell and perfume belong to a sense that cannot yet be transferred via internet.
This limit made our job much more challenging.
We needed to transfer the emotions that a customer usually feels in a shop, inside a screen. We pointed all our efforts in images and descriptions. This e-commerce, based on woo commerce, became pretty popular on the social media pretty soon, thanks mostly to the good job of the shop managers that started posting regular updates on facebook and instagram. The backend of the shop is really ease to use and new products, product discounts or global sales campaigns are often managed by the shop managers.